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April 12, 2007


Janelle Wind

A BIG congratulations to the winners - I am certain you will LOVE your prizes. Thanks Melly and Rosie for being SO generous. Have a lovely day. x Janelle


I am happy for the winners!!i hope you will also win something from..us!!!!ciao ciao!


Congratulations to the lucky winners. Thanks for letting us play Melly & Rosie, it was fun! What a beautiful photo of the two of you - check out Rosie with her new hair! Melly, where can I buy the pattern for the wallet and wristlet? I checked out the AU sites on your sidebar but perhaps I am too much of an eager beaver and they aren't in stock yet. I hope you have both had a lovely day.


Congratulations to the winners, they are sure to love the give away.
The picture of you both is great.
Can't wait to see more new patterns.


Congratulations to the winners! Three people jumping up and down!!!
Wish for you all the same beautifull warm weather we have in the Netherlands (after a very wet winter)and a very nice and relaxed weekend!


I just had to say that I was at my favourite patchwork shop today and I saw Melly and me patterns for sale! They are even more beautiful in real life! Keep up the great work.


HI Girls,
Fantastic close up photo I could never get a great shot that close!!! Love that card Rosie. Is it lino cut?? I have just done a heap with the kids at school and now have the bug to do some of my own designs. I thought it might have been Gocco !!! But it looks more like lino.

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