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April 27, 2007



your story about the identity crisis is too cute!


Identity crisis indeed.


Everything you make is so cute! How can we get you handbag patterns in the US (esp. the new ones)--are you going to sell them on Etsy? Keep up the good work!


Excellent names :) You two make such beautiful creations.


Your messenger birdies are so adorable. They would be the ideal present to give to someone who has everything. And the fabrics you have made them with are to die for.


We love them all! Thanks Melly and Rosie for yet more gorgeous patterns. Our order is on it's way!! Thanks for the nod on the blog Melly - early days xxx


What a cute little owl and bird. I love them both, and the new creations by Rosalie look wonderful too. Congratulations to Caitlin for picking such a great name too. I think I will need to order a pattern to make an owl as they look so cute, and a bunny one too.


Hey they are both birds so you where right all along. The messenger birds are just great I will have to learn how to crochet so I can make one.


More cute patterns! I can relate to the identity crisis. I made what I thought was a giraffe and people kept telling me they liked my alien.


Okay you two - do you EVER sleep?????!!!!!!!

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