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April 24, 2007



I encourage you to go to Houston in the fall! I think your designs would really stand out and be well received. How about Flannery Fleck for your fairy's name?

Josettte Marcellino

Both bunnies and fairy are way too cute. I would call the fairy Shibu.

Miss Marzie

As soon as I saw your little fairy the name 'Mavis' came into my head. She is just gorgeous.


I love her!!!! Patty pattern is her name!!!Such a cutie, and yet so hip!


two great softies - love them! I would call the fairy Betty. Just started reading your blog - so much fun!


i am waiting for the little angel from etsy,but i leave a comment for winning one of your pattern!!the name i choose is:MESIE because is melly and rosie together..i hope you will like it!!ciao from ITALY!!


Hello Melly & Rosie - I totally LOVE the silly bunnies and we will wait for this pattern with bated breath (along with the frog and also the gorgeous Hootie!! - We already have a waiting list ;o)) The fairy is gorgeous - she should be called Buffy. Probably contravenes all sorts of copyright but she looks like she could kick butt just like the vampire slayer herself!! Thank you for the beautiful parcel which arrived today. I love all of it! Hope to send you something back one day, Emma xxxx


Lovin' that funky fairy :) My 5 year old said she looks like a "Sophie". What ever you name her, she's adorable!

Kim L.

I'd name her Looby Loo. I think there is a song... here we go Looby Loo, here we go Looby Li, here we go Looby Loo, all on a Saturday night. Saturday night's a busy night for fairies.

Heather S.

Sooo cute! I think her name is Miko as she looks like a little Japanese fairy to me. The silly bunnies are wonderful! I can't wait for the pattern to become available. Need a distributor in Canada?

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