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June 01, 2007



I will contact my swap partner, I am in a hurry to know it!!!!!!


this is such a simple and fun thing to do...so many swaps become so complicated that you end up wondering what it was you were supposed to be doing...I've only done 2 so far. Thanks girls and have a good week off one of you...I'm off for a week too! Hurrah!! I've made another sherbet bag to match a dress I've made, very chique!!


Thank you for all the time you two have spent on this swapping project. I will contact my partner in swap and are so excited to make a package for her! What a lovely collages your aunty Yda makes. I visited her blog and I’m impressed by her work, the ‘Naturel’ is my favourite!


thank you for this swap!!!i received my partner name and i will go to contact..have a good time!!!


Hey, you've got a Dutch aunty :))

Bev Schweigert

Just had to let you know again how much I enjoy your blog! In fact, I wrote two posts about your blog on my blog at Easy Crafts 4 Fun under Blog Tipping and Scrappy Cabin!

I plan to come back often to see what is new! Have an amazing day!



Oh how I wish I had gotten in on this! If anyone drops please LMK!


wow! thanks so much for the scrappy tutorials!! i'm starting to collect scraps now.. hopefully i have enough to try to quilt! :)


I didn't receive a swap partner - no e-mail - does that mean that I am not involved in this swap? I did register.

amy asnip

I didn't get a partner either,-no e-mail- does that mean I'm not in????

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