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January 21, 2008



How could I choose? LOL They're both very cute!


Too cute!!!
You girls are just way to talented.


They are all VERY VERY cute!!!!!

Sheryl W

Because the two elephants are so different (ie one stands on 4 legs, the other sits on it's bottom!), definitely can't hurt to release two different patterns
They are both gorgeous!


I have just found your blog and your gorgeous patterns! I love them all...including BOTH elephants!!

Gerda Hartman

Hurry, hurry with the pattern writing as I want, I want, I want .............. to make all of them!

Janelle Wind

LOL aren't you two funny!!! I agree, they are BOTH gorgeous and I know they will both be loved and adored. Congrats again on more gorgeous patterns. x


Rosie & Melly, how cute are those elephants??!! My mum will just LOVE one of each. It was nice bumping into you both at the shop this morning. I look forward to your forthcoming pattern releases - can't wait.


i love both ellie and phoebe!!totally in different versions but cute on their own :)


hahaha.. who said 'great minds think alike?' thats spooky!

Love the patterns well done!


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