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December 05, 2008


sarah  c

Congratulations on deciding to write a book/books! That is a big step, but so exciting! I love reading your blog and seeing what you create, and would love to have a book with some of your ideas in it.

I would love to see a book on things to make for boys! It seems so easy to find thing for girls, but so difficult for boys! I think a lot of people would be interested in that. So many time I just change the color and say it is for a boy, but it would be so nice to have a book of ideas for boys. And if you need a test for any of the pattern let me know ;)


wow a book would be wonderful...i like the idea of a boy, girl book...maybe one that has girls for the first half and then you flip it over and the boy cover and pages are on the reverse side...that way you can cover both genders...
LOVE the shrinky stuff...


This stuff is amazing!

Rebecca Woods

Well a book would be so cool. I am thinking Bags would be at the top of my wish list as I am sort of addicted. Then probably the little boy or girl ones. That would be pretty cool too. So that is my though for the day. Hee Hee. Still lovin what you are doing with the shrinky stuff Melly too.


I think a boys/girls books is a great idea. I have a little boy and it is difficult to find inspiring patterns. If you need a test sewer, drop me a line!

Amber  Carrillo

I think all those ideas are fabulous - someone should give you a 5 book deal :-)
You two are just so creative...and I'm LOVING the shrinky stuff!! That bag is soo cute!


Yes! Sewing is theraputic! Very calming and it tends to take you out of yourself and away from your problems. Your book ideas are great. My suggestion is to make it pretty, cause I buy books to look at, to be inspired by, rather than to make anything from! If it's pretty, I want it!


Love the second bag too with the 15% shrink! Fantastic a new book by you, how exciting! Really any topic would be great because this would be your 1st book and then the 2nd book could be another topic, then the 3rd.... well you get the picture. I love all that you do and I would purchase the book and make the projects no matter the topic.


I think a book of softies would be wonderful. After all, when I think of Melly and Me, I think of cute, stuffed, imaginative, and colorful animated softies. And a book full of them. It just couldn't get any better than that!


How about a book with a little something for everyone? Gift ideas from newborn to Grandma? Whatever you decide it will be gorgeous and a bestseller!

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