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December 15, 2009



This is a great tip! I'll use it! Thanks...

clare's craftroom

Great clear information , thanks so much !

Anna Kleinschmidt

lol, you only did like 3 tutorials :) why dont you have us readers email you tutorials with permission for you to post on your blog. Maybe ways people may do something in a different way that you do or a twist on your design. could be fun.


This has been extremely helpful and timely - I was planning to make a Phoebe in the school holidays :)


Thanks !
This tutorial is very clear and helpful!


OHHH NOW I understand. Thank you for the great photos that help to make that more clear!


Great tutorial. It makes so much sense. Gotta have visuals ya know!
Thank you.


Thank you thank you thank you, that's exactly what I meant when I sent you my email, thanks again and I hope you and your extended family have a great Christmas and a safe New Year Looking forward to many more tut's..... Best Wishes..

auntie pami

Baby Pheobe's? Why that's a pack of pachydurms! Sorry, it's late, and I love Phoebe. I really enjoy your tutorials, seems like you're in the same room. Have a fantastic holiday and think of us way up here freezing.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Brilliant! Thank you!!! Lucy xx

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