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July 04, 2012


Tracey Park

Melly they are gorgeous!!! LOVE them!! /well done !!


I Love them and can't wait to make them :)


And so the looooong wait begins before they're available here in Europe. Tooooo cute!!!!


They are so precious , can't wait to get it!

Meg Howie

Just love them. Cannot wait to see them in a few weeks xxx

Dianne Shepherd

How gorgeous Melly! Max and Mimi make a gorgeous pair! Meanwhile, I picked up a copy of Homespun from my local newsagent today and I was very excited to find Merry Mouse in there! I am in the process of making Dawn the Fawn for my little niece who is now overdue by five days, but I think Merry Mouse will be next and then Max and Mimi for my 2yo niece and niece to be for a special holiday gift when I visit again! Thank you for blessing us with your beautiful patterns xoxo

Auntie Pami

These are absolutely adorable! But, then you know how much I love Magoo! Hugs to all.


very cute !!!


Max and Mimi are adorable! I have made two of the large Magoo's that I gave to twins for their birthday. I can't wait until the pattern is available in the US.

jaymin martyn

This toys are very good I really appreciate your work and art. I am happy to know that you are a good artist and make Max & mimi so good.

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