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October 03, 2012


Amy H.

I would make a fun quilt for my boys!


Looks like a perfect bundle for a baby quilt!

Macha Meilleur

I would make child size messenger bags for my kids!!

Vanessa Mamakos

Oh, what to make?! I'd do a pram blanket, a taggie blanket and use the scraps to make fabric covered buttons for hairclips and hairties. Gorgeous!

Amanda Begelhole

love the new name......congratulations!

Lisa Pratt

I adore this fabric. I'd love to make quilts for my little nieces and nephews. I'd also use it to make the characters from your book 'Sewn Toy Tales'. I'd also love to see you create some kids clothes out of it and some cute bags as well.

Heidi aka Digital Misfit

Great new name! Congrats on your wedding AND on your completely adorable fabric line! I would love to see a set of stacking rings (with different rattles inside), and a twirly, girly skirt!

Ange Cook

Congratulations!! I love these fabrics......


I would use this Delicious fabric to create more softies!


Congratulations on your recent marriage - looking forward to seeing the wedding photos. What would I do with the bundle of gorgeous fabrics? The first thing that came to mind was cute clothing for toddlers.

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