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June 27, 2013


Christine M

What a great job Boo has done with her sewing. Those little birds are so cute.


ohh that is so sweet Melly,betcha that tugged on the old heart strings,lol she is a designer in the making and i love your new design,it is also very cute.xx


That is so awesome, you must be so proud of her! My little girl is almost 9 months old and i can't wait till she is old enough to sew with me. My son (8)is so like my husband and they spend hours together in the workshop. Looks like i need another of your patterns, just love your work


The tweets are too sweet!

Robyn of The Rat

Bugger your creative card - it's good - but I have tears for KiKi's effort. There is so much love to you in that little gift. Bless her and I hope you have that somewhere handy when it's her 18th or 21st, 25th or whatever. It is so darn sweet! :)


What a precious gift and one that you will treasure for ever. Bless her


Melly, that is the sweetest thing I've seen in a long time! How precious is that!

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