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December 18, 2006



I love it, I love it!!! Thanks for the giggle ladies. I hope you're having a fabulous adventure too.


Hi girls, missing you LOTS! Did somebody say something about a holiday? Relaxing? HHmmmm, seems like a vague memory. Glad to see that you love what you do so much you can't get away from it.


You two are fantastic, so glad you are doing your blog while you are away. I was starting to have blog withdrawal. Have a fab holiday.


HI Girls I'm tagging you with my Christmas Meme:
1. My funniest Christmas memory is...
2. My favourite Christmas music is...
3. More than anything this Christmas I would like...
4. My favourite decorating idea this Christmas is...
5. At Christmas time I love to cook...
6. I would love to spend this Christmas...

Have fun!


Hi Girls.....LOL....I love it! Enjoy the sand, sun, surf and silliness of the season. xxx mel.


Oh this is so great! Love the photos, the giant sea monster is beyond cute, and the bunnies are delightful!


What a gorgeous story! Reminds me of the owl and the pussycat. Baby Floss makes one cute sea monster. Glad you are having fun on your holiday.


ooohhhh that beach looks good. I won't get to the beach until the middle of January ....I can't wait. I wonder if we will see "locals" and "sea monsters" at Noosa beach?


Awww, well I hope the blue yonder brought them lots of happy things. :)

Cute story! I wouldn't mind hanging out at that beach with them - looks nice!


That would have been such fun to do. Great story!
That photo of the smoke is so freaky, in a bad way!!!

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