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December 12, 2006



Have a wonderful, refreshing holiday! What an awesome surprise for Rosie. And the fab fish is truly fab :-) Love the fabric combo and design, just gorgeous.


Wow you guys post heaps!! when I come to read i have a big catch up!! Enjoy the holiday looks fantasic. Our holi isn't till the end of January. All the sewing you have been doing looks great, love the fish and the xmas presents. Lovely photo of all the kids. Rosie I didn't realize you hade such big children!! Grown up I mean!!!


Have a WONDERFUL break girls (when I say break I know you will be thrifting and designing still!). Come back refreshed and ready to sew (you didn't pack a sewing machine did you?).....

Tiel S-K

Enjoy your holiday. I must be such a breath of fresh air to be out of smoked filled Melbourne!


happy holidays girls!!


Have a marvellous time! It looks so beautiful. :)

Natalie Rosin

Have a great time, enjoy the beach.Hope the bushfire smoke isn't too bad.

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