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December 04, 2006



I love reading these and finding out a bit more about people. Also love discovering new things - like Fabric Tales - I'm off shopping now! I'm glad tomorrow is the last session, just in time for a great Christmas season.

Thanks for sharing a little bit of yourself ladies.
Lots of love and good wishes for tomorrow Rosie. x x x


yipeeeeee I can comment on your blog now!! It has been great to read about you guys, thanks for sharing, it's wonderful reading about everyone :) oh yes, Fabric Tales is new to me too, what a mistake that is!!!!!


Wishing you the best Rosie!

Tiel S-K

Wishing you all the best Rosie. I'm glad I stumbled onto this site. Good to see more Australians. I have a dear friend who has just had her 14th round of chemo so I know how tough it can be...from an outsider. I wish you every bit of happiness and best of health.


Wow! It's so great to meet you guys! Where have you both been all my life?? Have subscribed so I'll keep up regularly now. Congrats on finishing the stink-worthy chemo, Rosie!


Hi, Rosie you look great!!! Glad your getting that last session done well and truely before Christmas!!!
Great to read your 4 things tag. must get on and do mine!!


Hi Girls,

I've been tagged! Will complete the 'interview' today. Oh what fun!!!!


Hey! Thanks for the tag! I'm saving it till next week when I have a little more time, but I will certainly get to it then. :)

You are both well travelled, and oh, I love Grey's Anatomy too. Can't waite for next season.

So glad Rosie had her last chemo session - gawsh, I hope you are feeling wonderful and healthy soon! Cute photo too! :)


Really enjoyed this! Thank you for sharing! We have so many likes in common, like Much Ado About Nothing, Scrubs, Bulgogi, & Narnia :-)

Big hugs for Rosie and hope she is well.

And thank you for mentioning my blog :-)

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