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March 11, 2007



I always love a good challenge. This one sounds fabulous. I am not sure, however, whether the challenge will be in the sewing of the scrappy blocks or making the time to sew the blocks. So much sewing, and only 24 hours in a day. Ho hum....


That sounds great! I'm in on this one :)


I saw the salvage edge w/ copyright info and swooned. Too clever!

What a wonderful idea. You will have such a wonderful quilt full of memories when it is finished.


Now that is a scrap pile worthy of rolling in! I'll be in the swap :)


What a great idea - i hate throwing fabric away, so this is perfect! I'm your swap partner, so i'll be sending you a softie this week. We seem to have the same taste in fabric so hopefully you'll be pleased with my creation! I really like your blog :-)


Sounds like fun. However there is never enough hours in the day, I'll see how I go perhaps mine will be a very little quilt.


I would love to join in, sounds like a great idea. Got to go and have a look at my scraps now.


How fantastic are those blocks. I have never done log cabin blocks before, so I hope they are easy to do. I will have to check out your tuturial first to make sure I can make one before I sign up.


Great idea with the scraps, those first log cabins look great.
LOVE the photos of you two together as littlies, gorgeous!!


I like it, something to do with the ever increasing scrap pile. Count me in. I love the colour's in your blocks, so bright and happy.

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