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March 09, 2007



What a beautiful post Melly. I for one am so glad that you overcame your doubts. I love your patterns and look forward to many more.


right back at ya floss!


I myself didn't draw for about 10 yrs, didn't sew for about 14 yrs. I was stuck in a job that I initially wanted, it became soul-destroying at the end.

However, talent always comes out....it just lies dormant.


What a heartfelt and lovely post!


Lovely post - I'm glad you started creating too - your flossies always make me smile!


You are such a wonderful designer, and I absolutely love your patterns. Those bunnies are adorable and the owl is so cute. I think back to when I had did not have children and really how empty my life was, and now when I look at my 2 kids I feel so glad that I had them. Life is never the same after they arrive is it.


golly. i just adore your dollies. that owl is fantastic! i keep looking back at her (or him?). i can't stop staring. i saw a huge yellow and brown owl during my previous trip to the jungle last year. it was one of the coolest things i've ever seen. and i love your kitties too. cute, cute, cute.


What would we do without our Rosie, Melly!? If it wasn't for her telling me that I couldn't go back to working my old job (7am to 7pm most days)when my Georgia was born, and that I'd better start making my designs into patterns, 'Leanne's House' wouldn't exist. So a HUGE thankyou to Rosie from me too.xxx


I really enjoyed this post. A creative life is the one I want to lead, but sometimes it is so hard to be brave enough to give it a go. Its motivating to be able to see other people doing what they love! Thanks!


your work is just so wonderful and so unique with your personality in every flossie you make! I look forward to seeing what is new all the time. So glad you are where you are at (both of you) so we can all enjoy your work :o)

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