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August 16, 2007



Hi Mellie,You have inspired me to START a scrappy cabin challenge! I have been an avid follower of your (and Rosie's) blog since early this year and have just bought 4 more of your patterns. I just LOVE them all... I only wish they'd been around when my daughter's were younger - not to worry - they love them too... and it may just be the catylist (SP?) that gets them interested in creating their own.Keep up the great inspirations...


Oh that is AMAZING! Absolutely beautiful.

Janelle Wind

I LOVE your scrappy challenge quilt too Melly. I will just have to go pull out my scrap stash again and start some planning. I could just happily take yours off your hands for you if you like LOL - is is beautiful...
x Janelle


They look so effective with the white border. Great job.


It looks gorgeous! Once I finish up Hooty this morning, I think I'm going to dig in my fabric scraps and have a go at one of these.


I love your scrappy cabin’s and the way you have put the blocks together!
It’s definately my favourite thing to do because of the mindless sewing. I bought some new pieces of fabric because I’m beginning to feel the bottom of the scrappies box. Thank you for posting about Sonnja as well!!!


I love your scrappy log cabins.. what a great idea! I love the white sashing, sets the blocks off perfectly!!!


loving your work ladies!

do you come to the states?



I just wanted to let you know I love/admire your scrappy cabin's quilt. It looks great. The colour scheme is fantastic. It gives 'happy' fibes. I might take up the challenge and see what I can do with the fabrics I have left over. This quilt-project is very inspirational. Great job!


Wow! You scrappy cabin is beautiful -- so bright and fun and cheerful!

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