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August 29, 2008



I am guessing 28, but I did have to recount quite a few times


I count 28 kitties and silly bunnies!

Hope you will soon feel better!!

barbie Jo

Too cute!
My guess is 28 also!


I am guessing 28 also, but also had to recount a few times. I am also with you and haven't been the best for the past week and neither have the kids so I don't really trust my counting skills.


I'm late to the game. =( I'll answer anyway! 10 kitties, 18 bunnies = 28 cuddly pals.

Rebecca Woods

I know i am to late but my guess was 28 too. Hope you feel better soon Melly. You know when you are sick when you have no motivation to do anything you enjoy. I am already suffering from terrible hayfever so feel like I have had an extremely bad head cold for the last 3 weeks. Not happy. Cant wait for the end of spring already. Keep you chin up Melly hopefully it will all be better in a day or too.


The other guesses seem spot on and since I'm later than no 3 maybe I should say 29 just in case there is a little hidden one!! Hope you're feeling better - there has been a lot of sickness here in NZ too.


I thought it was 29 too??


I hope you are feeling better Melly. Poor possum.


I counted 29 too. Hope you are on the mend soon

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