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August 22, 2008



oh he's gorgeous...
and i love the idea of a comment game..
i'll be in that..
hopefully not too tricky.
is the new project a mouse or koala bear?


I love the fabrics you use. The ears especially are so cute.


Hey Melly, he's gorgeous! I love a game I'll be in that! :)Kylie


Ohhhhh!!! He inspire so much tendernes....!! : ))) It is the perfect little ting to hug in a difficult moment or to ask in any doubt!!! : ))

Great for the game, hope to be a little clever and win that treasury thing!!




Hi Binky, welcome to the flossies softies world! You have a high cuddling factor!

Great job Melly, lovely fabrics!


aaaah -he is really cute! and the peek of your fq pattern is very intriguing!

sarah L

Blinky looks great! very huggable squishable!!


Hi Melly
Thank you for the comment on our blog - helping me explain to my DH the priorities for packing a house - craft room LAST ;-)
Binky is delightful.
Love Janelle xx

Tina Poulsen

Aawww so cute he is :):)


What's the fat quarters club?

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