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August 01, 2008



The quilt is looking wonderful. Can't wait to see the finished version.


the blocks are incredible, so beautiful you have done an amazing job!!!

alicia in Hawaii

Your quilt blocks are wonderful! The colors are all going to be so fun and cheery. I love it!
alicia in Hawaii


Hi Melly,
The stitchery blocks are beautiful, the fabric & colours are fun! I love the look of the fruit tarts at the tea party.
Janelle N xx
PS This is my 1st comment with a link to Kylie & my Blog - another milestone...


Love those stitchery blocks!!!

Girly tea-parties and first time nail-polish are two things that make a mum’s life so special!!

(I just send you an email to tell your goodies arrived. Thank you again! They are soooo yummy!!)


Quilt blocks beautiful. I remember Princess Culy-Wurly at about the same age rocking the nailpolish. She had to be taken to Casualty one morning and happened to be wearing a biker chick jacket, glitzy dark glasses and pillarbox red nail polish - am I a bad mother that I thought she looked cute?


Such pretty blocks, I can't wait to see them all together! We have many girly nail polish moments at my house and the two year old is particularly keen.


your stitcheries look amazing - can't wait to see the end result!


I got a BIG smile with the Princess and the Pea stitchery. I had a pile of quilts on my 20-year old son's bed. When he came home from college I said I needed to move them. His reply, "I don't want to be the Princess and the Pea."

Lucy Locket-Pocket

The quilt blocks look beautiful and your girly time sounds lovely! Lucy x

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