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August 15, 2008



Congratulations to the winners of your new patterns!! That's awesome! Good to know that almost everyone has a sewing room that looks like a disaster zone every once in a while!!


Love the before photo, how do we really know you cleaned up? *vbg* Congrats to the winners - Enjoy making your creations.
Janelle ;-)


Congrats to the winners! And Congratulations to you on getting your studio cleaned up. I'm super messy when I craft and my work area is a disaster when I'm done! Cleaning it all up is the last thing I want to do!

ineke platvoet

Congrats to the winners. You lucky girls!
Good to see that my sewing room is not the only one looking like a "warzone". But after a good clean-up I sometimes find things I dit not even know I had them.
So even in being messy there is something good.


wow so many comments i think its amazing.those lucky winners getting such great prizes.
by the way don't feel bad about your sewing room,mines even messier...

Nancy Page

Congratualtions and Happy Stitiching to the winners. Oh, so much to clean up. It won't take long though. Have a great day.


I'm so sorry I was out of town for the giveaway! Out & About looks fabulous!


I had to laugh, my sewing room looks about like that right now.


Congrats to the winners!Your sewing room looks like mean too ;O))!


Big Yep from me....Mine looks exactly like that! Actually mine is worse as I also have a large table COVERED with scrapbooking stuff! Will try and follow your example and get down there today and clean it!

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