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September 10, 2008



Have a great holiday Melly (and family)! Taking time off is so important. I hope you have lots of fun!!!


excellent toothy bag. love it. no doubt your wee man will love this parcel. have a brilliant holiday.


What a great tooth fairy bag!!

Enjoy your family, holiday and time together!

Maree @ Farmyard Crafts

Very cute toothy bag!! Enjoy your Queensland holiday! Do you drive or fly?! We have four hours drive to our favourite Queensland beach! Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing time. :)


I hope the tooth fairy doesn't forget to come to your house. She did at our place once and a friend told my daughter that the tooth fairy pays double when she forgets! LOL. Have a great holiday....Linda :)


Have a great holiday. Tweensland at this time of year - aaaaaah!

When Pr.C-W lost her first tooth she came down after bedtime with her letter to the tooth fairy and said tooth in hand. She wanted to leave them downstairs because there was NO WAY she was letting that fairy into her room in the middle of the night!


Wobbly teeth are such big moments...I clearly remember how excited our children were.
It could, however, be a bit tricky to make them come out!! ;0)

Lucky little floss to have such caring mom...how the tooth is presented to the Tooth Fairy, is definitely an important issue! :0)
Let's hope that she brings your son something good...

I hope you and your family have a wonderful time during your holiday :0)


Hey Melly, Have a great and well earned holiday up here in sunny Queensland. The weather has been lovely the last couple of days and makes you feel all fresh and bubbly. We are heading off in a weeks time to far north Qld in our very old retro van... Am so looking forward to that!!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Have a lovely holiday! Great toothy bag! Lucy x


oh yes it is very important that the first tooth falls !!!!!! happy holidays to all

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