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September 30, 2008



yes, you will get there...but don't let it kill you!!!!


You will get there! And once it's all over you will look back, shake your heads and think "how did we ever....?!"


Nothing worth showing, other than these? These are gorgeous and you made four in a week! That is something i would never achieve! Too many distractions...tv, food, cleaning and did i mention food?

So anyway, they are fab! They look so cute all lined up together, i'm sure they will look fab in Houston!


I think you will get there. Don't be too stressed about it, stress just causes you problems. Your monkeys are lovely. Keep up the good work!

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Can you not enlist the Magoos to help? They may look cheeky but I'm sure they could be useful! Lucy x


You will get whatever you need to get done, even if that is not necessarily all that you want to get done. Who do we have to petition to get more hours and days, that would be so helpful!


the magoos look lovely - just take a deep breath and think calm thoughts - if all else fails write lists - i do, loads of them!! good luck.



Take a deep breath. Okay, you will make it!


whow sounds busy, just breath... dont forget to breath! :)


You will get there! Keep plugging away at it!

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