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December 09, 2008



Hi Girls, I too have just finished making Magoo for my two monkeys. My children chose their fabrics and now I'm busy making more of your delightful patterns. Check them out on my blog http://treannsplace.blogspot.com Keep up the good work. Kind Regards Treann


better get a wriggle on Melly - and I thought I was running late with my pressies and I'm nearly finished. But then I can't put up my tree until I finish sewing - the joys of a tiny house!


Pirate Magoo is perfect for a boy!

Two weeks to go, hope you get everything done in time.


They are just too cute!!


How very cute. Ook forward to hearing more about your book someday!


They are just so adorable.


awwww.. the camo magoo is too CUTE.. softies aren't too lucky in our house, our lovely cat attacks them (ok he is horrible, but if I keep calling him horrid, horrible and a b@$tard cat, he'll live up to his name)

good luck with the chrissy shopping.. I haven't started! oops! Hope the kids want cash for christmas.. you can give your teenagers cash can't you??? LOL

australia's laziest patchworker
australia's laziest christmas gift shopper...


I love both the manly and the feminine Magoo! Just perfect for the child looking for a Magoo for Christmas.


adorable...love the camo gear...


So Cute! I love the camo.

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