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January 30, 2009



Poor thing!! Mind you, even though the temperature in Hobart is mid to high 20's, here in Launceston it's been 10 degrees more! So I know how you feel but maybe not quite as much!

At least you're not playing tennis!! ;)


Ohh, I know just how you feel! Lucky you and Rosie going off to Loch x


You're suffering from the heat and me from the cold/ice/snow. We need a happy medium. Love the Amy Butler martini dots on your new creation.


This heat is revolting, isn't it! I haven't touched any of my sewing since about Monday... I cant bare the thought of even turning the iron on.


Hi Melly!

I just love to hear from my buddy down under! LOL!!!:)

I understand the heatwave! It is pretty hot hear in southern California (still wearing shorts in January)! Plus I am originally from the south, where it is always HOT! I know that the heat just sucks the energy out of you!

Your newest creation looks like he is going to be a "Hottie"! Get it (you created him in the heatwave)...For Christmas this year I am going to make all of my friends/family one of your animals. I think that it will be the monkey or elephant.

Anyway, enough babble....stay cool and drinks lots of lemonade!


Sorry but I forgot...say "Hello" to Mrs. Rosie!


Thank goodness for air conditioned Catholic schools. My little dears have been at school for the last two days in an effort to prevent an onslaught of cabin fever.

Have fun in Loch. I am so envious that you are getting to go there.


Hi Melly...I know EXACTLY what you mean about cabin fever, being in Mt Evelyn....unfortunately it means I haven't even started on the latest pattern testing assignment, however I had to attend a meeting near Amitie Fabrics this morning so I just HAD to visit their lovely airconditioned shop and bought some yummy fabrics for the pattern testing...hopefully I will get going over the weekend.


I hadn't thought of having cabin fever when it's hot, but now that I think about it - you're right! Even though the temps are freezing here, I wouldn't trade places - there is only so much clothing one can take off and still be hot! At least I can keep adding layers of clothing.
I can't wait to see the unveiling of the new little creature. So cute. I think we have those buttons at our store - how funny! Keep cool - go stick an ice cube down someone's back!


Oh how I know what you mean!!! Currently here in our little house in Warragul it is 40 degrees - INSIDE. I hate to think what the temperature is outside currently. The past two nights we've got down to a balmy 29 degrees overnight. And how do we all survive with fans and narry an air-conditioner. Cold baths have become very, vveerrryyyy popular - currently my fave place to read. We've even been dipping the pussycats (they haven't got together to give us a hearty vote of thanks) to stop them overheating too badly. Oh well onwards Sunday. Yes we're planning on heading to Loch as well. I am so glad the heatwave is meant to break before then.

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