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January 19, 2009



FRENZIE...one cause she is a monster after all
and two her hands and feet remind me of a frog..
and the name could work for a boy or girl...

Amy Gunson

She seems like a Forinka to me. I assume she's got a boyfriend out there somewhere named Foren, as well.

jo 戎嶋

HanaPink-chan, Hana is flower in Japanese

Nell Ward

I think "Oopsy" - her expression just looks like she would be a clumsy but well-meaning little monster (I have two little "oopsy" monsters of my own - that is what they say when they spill milk on the couch, or tip breakfast on the dog LOL)

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

She does kind of look a bit "cowish"... so I'd suggest "millie the mooster". How hard do you guys find it naming everything?! Or is that why you run competitions?!? ;)


Loblolly Rose. :D


i think she looks like a 'jojo' - little, sassy, cute and full of character!
i love her!


If I owned her I would call her Little Lollylegs. She is very cute and looks good enough to eat!

Ashlyn Withers

I think she should be called Little Sweet because she is so sweet to look at and she has such a sweet tooth!!!


She just looks so sweet, but I think she looks like a "Lucy-Boo"

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