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January 23, 2009



Congrats Bree, Peppermint is such a great name.
Oh Melly (sniff sniff), I hear your heart :)
Janelle xx


I think there could be a school bag in the making for Little Floss? Cherrie


I thought that might be the reason for your slump... I was there last year and now I have a big grade one. Take lots and lots of pics and enjoy that time with your little girl xx

Highland Quilter

Oh Dear Mel, you are what us teachers call a Clingy Mummy! LOL..I am sure he will cope very well and love every minute of his time at school!! Now you on the other hand....be strong!! Cathy


I am sure he will enjoy his first day with bundles of energy!! I used to have a box of tissues ready for the new Mums! Then, when you get back home, put Baby Floss in the buggy, pack a picnic and go for a long walk, because if you try and sew, mistakes are bound to happen!!! That's if you are like me!! Take care.

PS Love the sneak previews!

Congratulations to Bree, she does look very peppermint-y!
Now Melly you just have to think about how much he is going to love his new experience and making all his new friends...think of the positives! The kids are usually fine unless the Mum's aren't!!lol


oh girls thank you so much! i just knew she was a Peppermint.

And Melly don't worry, my little one is only 1 and he took his first steps today at our Daycare Lady's house. I missed it but boy did he have a great trick to show me when I picked him up. Your Little Floss will be just the same, you'll miss him during the day but he'll have such great stories to tell and things to show when he comes home. B


After the emotion of him leaving, he'll be so excited to tell you things when he gets home. It'll get easier. Just think of all the beautiful art projects you'll have for you walls!


Love the name...Congrats Bree.
It's so hard to let that first one go and it's even harder to let that last one go.


Cute name!
Hang in there with the empty-ish nest thing. Before you know it they'll be sixteen. That's REALLY scary!

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