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January 23, 2009



Oh you wont have time to miss your floossy one.. you know why? by the time you drop them at school, then do canteen & P&C and parent helper in the kinder room, oh and the odd excursion thrown in, you'll wonder what you did all day!
beleive me when they turn into teenagers (I got 11,13,15 next week) here they dont want to know you and if you turn up at the school gate to pick them up, they DIE of embaressment.. which is always worth turning up at the school gate for :O)
take care and take tissues.. I did have a sook the first day my eldest went, but when the last went I thought WOOOHOOO I am FREE!!!!! (until canteen duty, school excursion, P&C and my turn at classroom helper)



hope its not too distressing next week! I love that at our church school they have a 'tea and tissues' morning teas for the kindy mums! I'll need a box of tissues by the time keira starts school!



Have a good week. I thought I'd be sad when Nature girl went off to preschool but it's been the best experience for her and I never shed a tear. You may find the same thing. Besides it will give you a little alone time with Baby Floss so enjoy that. Good luck!


Did you see your little acute in the Sunday age magazine this morning?
I recognised him straight away.


G'day Melly and Rosie, I just popped in to say "happy Australia Day". Have a good one.


Very cute name!!

Nike Jordan Heels

Wow -so glad I found this blog. Love it! Best wishes.

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