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February 02, 2009



I have the same back pack....we must share the same good taste!!!

Really enjoyed our chance to chat at Loch, thank goodness for the cool change, it took a long time to reach Melbourne though.

Bought pellon, interfacing and O rings today, to start my Fat Quarter bag, trouble is I bought so many things on the weekend I don't know where to start.....life's hard isn't it....


What a lovely thoughtful teacher!! A little care pacakge for parents...too nice!! I hope he has a wonderful first day...I remember my youngest wouldn't let me take him to school on his first day - he wanted to go on the bus with his big sister...and so he did...left me in the driveway with a big lump in my throat...it seems like yesterday but he is now 24 and a teacher!! time just goes so fast!!


I couldn't finish reading the poem (the tears were starting)...and my boy has three more years!!


What a great teacher! It's going to kill me when my little one starts kindergarten in August.

Janelle Skene

Sending love and hugs - I remember these first days well!! Not long now xxx Janelle

Nell Ward

Wow! What a lovely teacher your son has (he will be in good hands!) When I was teaching kindy and had to make the tough decisions (especially with special needs kids) I always made them based on what I would do if that child were mine. Teachers are a special part of children's lives but NO ONE will ever replace Mum. Treat yourself to something special today.

clare bower

Wow what a fabulous thoughtful teacher .
clares craftroom


What a beautiful gift from a teacher - so thoughtful. The bag is bigger than your son! I just said goodbye to my Year 7 today - how time flies - it seems like yesterday I was saying goodbye to him on his first day of school!


That poem is sweet! Hopefully the first day went well :-)


Sounds like he's in great hands at school - what a thoughtful teacher!

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