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July 13, 2009


Maree @ Farmyard Crafts

I don't think I can spot the difference... !! I think you've got a copy cat!! It even has ears like yours has!! Naughty Russ!


Oh dear! Its not just you. I think they look too similar to be coincidence.


hmmm...very similar...In fact I would say the same! grrrr and Russ, a well loved and trusted teddy name! For shame.


that is really upsetting!
yours is better by far....
shame on them...


Nope, it's not just you. The shape of the body is identical! Yours looks way cuter though!


Ughh - what a bummer! Yours is of course much cuter but shame on them for copying you!!


The Ears have it Melly... But your original is Soooo... much cuter !


Definitely not just you, yours is much sweeter ... or tweeter ( lol ) Sorry. Thats has to be more than co incidence surely!


Oh! I hope that there's a giveaway involved in this post because I know the answer to this spot the difference!!!!

Yours looks fabulous and the rip off looks like yuck!

Did I win? Did I win?

Seriously Melly, you're not seeing things. They've hit the enlarger button on the photocopier and stolen your bird!

Shame they couldn't copy your style!


Shame for them that is!

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