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September 14, 2009



Your lanterns brighten up my day and make me smile:) Please enter me in the competition Thanks

Leah C

I thought the quilt was cute... but those lanterns! Your patterns just gone on my MUST BUY list :)


Oooh, pretty, pretty quilt pattern and lanterns! Your colours are so fresh and clean. I'd love to win the pattern :-))


Those lanterns are adorable.What a great idea!♥


These are cute as can be! Love them!

Lyn Smith

Loved the quilt when you showed it, also love the lanterns, the colours are so bright & cheerful

Ange Moore

Oh, this is a beautiful quilt - please count me in!

Good luck with the pattern writing (and everything else) in the lead-up to Houston.

Clair Acres

Oh, I love those lanterns! You are such a clever chappie.....or would you be a chappett?


Lovely lanterns! They are very sweet. I hope all goes well for Houston and that you and Rosalie have a wonderful time.

I missed you on the weekend at Glenharrow - I was there on Saturday!


They are gorgeous. They would make any home look more festive and colourful.

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