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September 03, 2009



Yep, I feel the need to hibernate, if just for a few hours, every week. We all lead such hectic lives!!

I need time to just sit and sew and watch a Jane Austin movie OR Bridget Jones' Diary because she makes me laugh!! ;0


btw, the new Sherbet cover is absolutely lovely and cheerful!

I hope you have a good trip to Houston. You've earned it. ;0

Claire - Matching Pegs


I was admiring the Kokeshi dolls as Claire was making them - wondering if you had seen them (knowing your love for all things Kokeshi). They are really beautiful - I am not surprised that you thought so too.

The new sherbets look great - I really like the umbrella print one!

Looks like hibernation = good things.

Maree @ Farmyardcrafts

What is it? What is it? What is it?! I don't want to wait to find out what the Stitchery of the month club project is. I know that I'll have to wait. Just don't want to! Hope that your pre-organising for Houston is going well. :) Thinking of you all as you no doubt get busy with it!


Oh Mel, I so hear you in the needing to hibernate thing. I have been doing a bit of that this week...but mine is just because I am so tired lately...I like to hibernate in the dark in the shower when hubby gets home so he can look after the kidlets LOL. Love that kokeshi...so pretty.


Oh your stitchery has me curious!
Hibernation ah bliss, not something I ever really get much of now there are my children : )


Oh your bags look great Melly. I love the red one. I loved Leon when I saw him yesterday on Rosie's blog. Isnt the kokeshi doll just beautiful.


Love the re-vamped bags and pattern. I LOVE to read and feel as if I haven't had time. Good for you to just do it! Like Nike.


Hey Melly,
Totaly understand the need to hibernate, if only there was more time in our week to hibernate without a two year old running around our ankles. Hope you are feeling up soon.
By the way I saw Leon the other day on Rosies blog and i LOVE IT. I was only thinking the other day which of the dolls can i adapt to be a lion as my son loves lions and then i saw her blog and i am so happy i cant wait for it to be in the shops. Im like a kid in a lolly shop when it comes to the Melly and Me Softies patterns.



I had a hiberation weekend only last weekend. (Didn't want to see anyone). Sometimes I think we all need to stop.. life is too busy.

I love your Sherbert bag - great colours... they will LOVE it in Houston...and LOVE the Kokesi Doll.

Sandy N

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