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September 21, 2009



very cute!!
goodluck...not that I think you need it.
Amanda xxx


Those are adorable!


Cute cute cute!
Good luck with your planning, and try not to worry. I read a cool quote once,
"Worry is like a rocking chair,
It gives you something to do but it doesn't get you anywhere!"

jane l

they are so cute....


Great colour combos Mel...they are beautiful...

Rebecca Woods

Love the new Hooty and Tweet Melly. They are my favourite although I havent made myself any yet. Good luck with all the organising. I am sure there will be no problems and your lanterns will look gorgeous on your stand. :)


I know it's a bit cliched, but someone once said to me "what's the point of worrying about things that you have no way of changing?" and I try to remember this when I'm stressing and it does help! Good luck to you!


Stressful for sure but it must also be pretty exciting!!!

Melly & me

It is, once we are there!! I am one of those get excited once there kinda people. The lead up is too stressful and I am always convinced I will die on the way there (you gotta hate flying fear!!!!) Once I am in Houston on terra firma I will start to enjoy!! We always have such a blast there!
Am absolutely ADORING those robots on your blog - you are too clever for your own good girl!

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They're very lovely Melly. They will rock the socks off Houston!

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