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October 30, 2009


laura in stitches

Great idea Melly. You're not the only one that gets questions about Mrs Perkins horns!! Reveal all.


I wonder how to applique a circle properly.
Thank you.


Hi.Yes I think it will be great to get other peoples tips.Looking forward to it :-)


What an awesome idea!
Can't wait for the tips!
And I agree, Mrs Perkin's horns are tricky to turn!

Kim Porter

Tips and Tricks Tuesday! Super Idea. You've done it again...... another splendid idea.


Oh yes please! tips on limb attachment particularly stitching & positioning. Also stuffing too little, too much how much is just right, so after a wash or two it doesn't go soft!

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Wow -so glad I found this blog. Love it! Best wishes.

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