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October 30, 2009


Tanya Holt

oooh, looking forward to tips and trcks tuesday!


pure genius - what a great idea. And I am so bad at guessing what your sneak peeks are - I loved it when I was testing the book since I knew what they were when you did sneak peeks :-)

Lurline Geoghegan

Wonderful - I'm like a sponge soaking up new tips!
Hugs - Lurlineā™„


what a great idea! i am looking forward to those posts! :)


I will be looking forward to Tuesdays from now on, I just picked up Clucky's pattern today, soooo cute!


Yay, Great idea!

Tracey Park

Fantastic....I would love to know - Phoebe....I always get the joins wrong when trying to sew the legs and the main body...there always seems to be a gap??? Am I making sense???? Cant wait for more tips...from a sewer desperate to improve and save time!! Thanks


Great idea and what a lovely cover that would be for a book!?! when you have got going that is!


I'll stay tuned for Tips on Tuesday. Great idea. As for the sneak peek...I have absolutely NO idea this time. :o)

Jantine Urban

That is a smart idea! Just love it. I do have a question... how to attach arms, like Magoo's, so that they are secure enough for kids to play with it. By the way, I make his short separately so he can have a change...

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