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October 30, 2009



I know this sounds really dumb, but I can never work out Magoo's shorts. I can't seem to follow the instructions. That is a tip I would really like to know.... :)


I would love the learn tips and tricks from Melly and me - yay!!!

Marlene Scobbie

I love all the tips I can get. Thank you for sharing. look forward to Tuesdays.


What an awesome idea. I can't wait to see the first one. The internet is so brilliant for learning new tricks, so it will be awesome to learn from the pattern maker themselves.

Have a great weekend!

Holly Draney



Great idea for the tips! Most of the time the patterns seem to be pretty straight forward but the one pattern that really confused me was sewing Pheobe together. You were so kind to email me back when I had questions at the time and perhaps some of those hints would be great for a TTT.


What a great idea... Thank you for sharing your tips and ideas with us....

Sandy N


Such a fantastic Idea. I normally work out my issues with my mum (who knows everything about sewing) but cluckys chicks beaks have me absolutely stumped I cant work out how to fold them like they are in the instructions.


Tips are always very helpful.

As for the naff Victorian weather, I'm happy to offer my services to take the photos up here in slightly more sunny Sydney.

... just send me your samples and...



What a great idea! Look forward to learning more :)

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