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November 24, 2009



Thank you!


thank-you the tutorials are very helpful... keep them up pretty please.....


Wow, I haven't seen cicada's since I lived in Sydney as a kid. Are you near the bush? I would love to show my little a shell, and wear a brooch too! How cute!


That cicada is beautiful. I've yet to see a newly emerged cicada. I love finding all the empty shells on trees though. The noise from them her on Sunday night was incredible.

your ladders stitch is so neat compared to mine. I really should try harder.


Great tutorial! When I was finishing Clucky a few weeks ago I had to wing it because I didn't know what ladder stitch was, now I do! Thank you!

We haven't got the cicada's yet this summer but when we do it is deafening!


Very clear directions! I've been wanting neater closures. Thank you so much. I think what I've been doing is a half ladder...if there is such a thing.

Katie B

This is so helpful! Thanks so much.


I like your beginning knot. Very clever. I always make a knot and bury it in the softie by going in a few inches away from the opening and coming up at the opening. If that makes any sense. I will have to give your way a try next time! Thanks.


Oh and Cicada's I remember them from my childhood in the midwest but I don't remember them being as big as the one in your child's hand! Maybe it just looks bigger because of the cute small hand. The buzzing would be so loud you could hardly hear! We always found the shells on trees but I never thought to wear one. I was too squeemish as a child. You were very brave.


Oh I love a neat little ladder stitch! It's such a satisfying and rewarding, quick little stitch! I think I posted a little bit of a 'this is how you do it' a while back when I was closing up your little gecko! I love a conincidence...Now for the Cicadas. I love it that they herald the hot weather...but then they get sooo loud! LOL.....those shells freak me out though. I've never been excited by touching them. I'd freak out less with the real think walking along me. You're a brave woman in my book!

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