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November 24, 2009


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I normally do most of my work wherever I can set my laptop on my lap. I’m not really a huge fan of it on a table. I don’t know why. The idea is very appealing, I know, but, I’ve found that this just works the best. (Or maybe I just haven’t given the table deal a big enough chance because laptop on my lap has been my only option. Hmmmm….)


Many thanks for sharing! Clara.

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Wow -so glad I found this blog. Love it! Best wishes.


Thank u so much that does look a lot nicer than my old method


Cool and useful technique I' Ill definitely use in finishing my lavender pillows. Thanks :)


I actually found this more to mend broken soft toys than closing home-made softies. Thanks for the tutorial :)


This is so helpful. I'm a beginner and this really is a great tutorial for me! Thanks! :)

Kat Embree

The way you start is the way I do cross-stitch on a lot of my pieces. Been doing this since I was 6 (56 years ago!!)

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