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November 24, 2009



Thank you very much for that tutorial on ladder stitch. It will be very helpful. I remember the days (1960s) when I was a child up in the Dandenongs, and the deafening noise of the cicadas. That Green Grocer is a fine specimen indeed!

tracey d

thanks for another super tutorial, cicada looks amazing never seen one before! does look like something that would make me shreek if found in the house though!!


Thanks for this tutorial. I really like the way you do your first knot. I'm going to try it that way next time! I am looking forward to next week--I'm starting to work on my Rudys and in looking ahead at the directions I was wondering how I'm supposed to get those antlers on. Your timing is impeccable! Thank you.


Hi Melly
My daughter was just commenting that she had heard our first cicadas here the other day (Wellington NZ) but I think our Kiwi cicada is a bit smaller than your Aussie version, yours are HUGE....more like a teradactyl my teenage son said.

Thanks so much for the Tuesday Tips it is much appreciated that you take the time to do this for all us crafters out here in Blogland.

Ta Chris....NZ

laura in stitches

Hmmm who was holding the camera for you melly? very professional looking! keep the tutorials coming! Ta Laura x


Aha!! I was wondering why my "ladder stitch" was looking manky, keep the tutorials coming.


Sono Monica di Lilan Italia
Congratulazioni per il tuo tutorial è davvero molto bella.
4 dicembre farò un articolo sul mio blog dove si parla la tua idea.


This is so clear, thanks so much for these directions! I would love to link to this if you didn't mind.

Vintage Brooches

You really cool and gifted! I could never make something like your level, so that left me just to buy something like this on the stands in my farmers' market or accept a gift from friends who do know to connect two things together:)
Well done mainly on the courage to do the brooches in the form of insects, it must frighten some people, but probably later they'd Loved it ..!

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Wow an interesting model. Thank you for sharing.

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