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November 10, 2009



Thanks again Melly for a great tutorial. Have a fantasticly busy (and fun) time at AQM.


Love the new 'do'.
Might come and introduce myself at Quilt Market.
I'll be there on Sat morning.
Andi :-)


Love the hair... very cute and thanks again for your "Tuesday" Tip.

Sandy N


Sort of like popping the knot when hand quilting! Terrific. Very stylish new "do".


Another fantastic tutorial which is quite helpful Melly. I cant wait to see the 4 new patterns too. Your new hairdo looks very nice by the way, short for summer and just the perfect week for it too.

Tanya Holt

thanks Melly

Judy @ daily yarns

I totally love the new "do".


How fun - and your hair looks so cute!


I love the new do Melly! Very swish!

lyn lindsay

Thanks Melly, 1st things 1st, love the new do, cool for summer, cool for weather, cool in looks. Thanks for the tutorial will be printing these off to file away, very helpful.
Happy creating, Lyn

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