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November 03, 2009




Thank you!!! Your tutorials are going to be a great help.

Sandy N

Tanya Holt

Thanks Melly, I didn't know that about poly thread. I have been through several bit of fabric for blossoms antennas!!


ahh, well thats a bit clever! Will definitely remember this tip, thanks for sharing!


Using the straw to open it up first is genious!! I always end up with a part that won't turn on itself.


I didn't think that I needed help with turning small parts, I usually manage with tweezers... but that's an AWESOME way! Now I need to go find a good straw for my sewing kit and add it to my array of skewers and chopping sticks! Thanks so much


That is so clever.

Lucy Locket-Pocket

Absolutely brilliant Melly - thank you so much! If you could have heard the swearing when I was trying to turn the antennae on Lottie and Little Lady you would know how much I appreciate this tip!!!

Lucy xxx

tracey dawkins

thanks for an excellent tutorial, LOVE the idea of tricks and tips tuesday but i do feel as though i'm cheating as its still monday here!!


Wow that is sooo clever!



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