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December 18, 2009



Well isn't that funny - I was at that concert too :) (My daughter was the snowflake fairy being the class clown: "look daddy, I can balance on one leg"!) Weren't the girls adorable? I didn't recognize you, but I think I was standing close by in the queue outside, because I recognised a Melly & Me bag, and thought to myself 'there's a fellow crafter' :) Small world!


Congratulations! How fun to see your work in another language!

I love the baby pheobe. How much did you reduce the pattern by?

Your little boo is darling! You had better lock her up from the boys when she gets to be a teenager - she is a real beauty!


How exciting - hopefully this will lead to other languages too! and those little Phoebes are so cute - and so is your little ballerina!

Mary Ann

Congrats on your DD's concert! She looks very elegant and beautiful!! Those baby Phoebe's are just as cute as buttons!! Love the effect of wool, too!!!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!!
All the best!


I have been having lots of fun with your Pippi pony pattern! You will have to stop by my blog and check them out! I love how simple the pattern is, but super cute!


Hey Melly,
Hope you have a great relaxing christmas. I adore the wooly version - I am such a sucker for wool...


Ooh I love those little elephants in the woollen fabrics. They remind me of Elmer the patchwork colored elephant for some reason. Miss Boo looks so beautiful in her ballet costume, blue really suits her. My daughter has her dance concert tonight!

Mary on Lake Pulaski

Ballerina Boo is adorable. It must be gratifying to see your books in another language! Wow!


just dropping in to wish you and yours a happy chrissy..and to thank you for a year of inspiration and just bliss really it is great to be able to visit your blog and life so thanks to you all for the pleasure of sharing 2009...ps and ballerina boo is just beautiful...

lyn lindsay

I love Phoebe haven't made her up yet but will soon, bought my pattern when visiting Addicted to Fabric in Canberra earlier in the year, I too have a new baby, a Pfaff and I didn't like my new addition at all, I felt like I lost an old friend with my very loyal Janome but more and more I'm beginning to like her...I got the quilt expression so its great for the many quilts lined up for making. Enjoy Christmas and getting to know your new baby, think of the years of loyal service that our babie are about to give us, just need to familiarise with something new.
May Christmas be full of peace, joy and love as you share with family and friends.

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