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December 16, 2009



Wow! It looks great, isn't it big compared to your old machine! You will have some fun with that!


Eeek indeed! That is one heckuva machine! Enjoy it Melly. Soon you'll wonder how the heck you ever sewed anything on the wee baby one.

Amanda Elizabeth

AHHHH!!!! I just got the EXACT same machine!!! I've been using it for about a month now, IT'S AMAZINGGGG!!! You are going to love love LOVE it!!!!!!! Did you name it yet?! Also, a little thing I noticed, if you use BSR1, make sure it's completely disengaged before you move the fabric, I accidentally didn't push the button all the way, moved the fabric and sewed twice through my finger, eep!!!! I can't WAIT to see all the awesome stuff you create on it!!!! Sooo exciting!!!!

Cath from chunkychooky

I am so envious. I have been admiring one from afar... it is the ferrari of sewing machines... lucky you- tell me is it as good as they say???


Whauwww! the best christmasbonus ever!!! I have been only looking, ehh dreaming of, at this mashine.
The seller told me it is the 'Rolls Roys' of the sewing mashines! I can't wait to hear and see how you discover everything you can do with this mashine! groetjes Heleen

Sabine Schneider

You will love it! Congratulations from me, too and EEEEEEK!

Lurline Geoghegan

You deserve it, Melly! enjoy!
With best wishes and hugs - Lurlineā™„


WOW, it's a behemoth of a machine! Be careful it doesn't rise up and become sentient in a weird Sci-fi kinda way.

it's crazy HUGE!!!

Really envious. Really.


So jealous!!
Enjoy enjoy enjoy!!!!
Andi :-)


Oh wow - now that is an amazing machine...I have the same one as your "little" one :-)

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