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December 01, 2009



Ooh another wonderful tutorial Melly! I am happy to say that my xmas shopping is about 98% finished thank goodness. I wanted to be organised this year and have even started buying and making the 4 birthday pressies I have for each week in January! I like the fabric you used for Rudy too, very nice.


I so appreciate all these Tips and Tricks, they are truly what makes the difference between something that looks a little homely into something that you can proudly say is handmade. I've admired your patterns and things for a long time, just recently discovered your blog. Thank you so much for taking the time to show us these detailed tips. I can't wait to make my next softie!

Chris H

Have fun doing your tree! I have already finished mine.

Melly & me

Pleasure Greetingarts!! I think it will make things a little easier for a few people - at least I hope so! It is great to have something to show too while I am having this creative hiatus!
Thanks so much for leaving your sweet comment and have a fabulous week,


Thanks for including photos with your instructions. It makes so much more sense now. I'm hoping to make my Rudys this week.
I am curious about your Christmas decorations. Do people in the southern hemisphere tend to use brighter colors than those of us in the northern hemisphere, or is that just your personal taste? I never really thought about what your Christmas must be like until you mentioned it being the beginning of summer for you. I'm having a "duh" moment here!
Thanks for your tutorials. I'm learning something new each week.


Hi Melly,
Thanks so much for the tutorials..Please may I ask for help on the sewing of Bubbles the unicorn, I am having trouble with the inner leg & outer leg then stitching both sides together..does that make sense????? Thanks again Judy


Happy Decenber! Happy Decorating!


Thanks so much for the tips, Melly! I'm making some Magoo's for chrissy presents and your advice has been invaluable. Have fun setting up your tree.
Thanks again!


Please don't give up the Tues tutes!! Your timing is fab as I am finishing off a gorgeous 'Beaut' to send to my sister in the US for her first baby, a girl, due on New Year's Eve. Your tips help me create a beautifully crafted reminder of home for her. Love, love love your patterns too - made Magoo for my nephew's first birthday. You inspire me - thanks!!! :)


Thanks Melly. I don't mind if the tips go fortnightly but please don't stop them. i didn't get to my Rudy last weekend will aim for this one. What fabric range have you used?

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