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February 02, 2010



Hi Melly, Love the paint brush idea...wish you shared before I paid for stuffing tool....lol! Ah well, I also use a chopstick, I like it when the end breaks off as the ragged end also grabs the stuffing. Keep up the good work, I am sure with your new machine will come some more tricks ;))


Melly!!!!! You're a genius! A genius I say!!!!!


Great tips. That paint brush idea is fab! Q for you - how do you get the stuffing right up in to a point, such as that of a triangle or in to corners?


Hiya Melly,the paint brush is a fantastic tool!!!!I too use one,I did a class with Rosie & she was telling us about them,& so I have used one ever since & they work brilliantly...Keep the great ideas coming-& beautiful patterns,Thanks ladies...
Hugs Catherine xx


Thanks for the great tips Melly! I have a jar filled with paint brushes and the stuffing trick seems will be tested!!

Filling with the right amount of stuffing is the hardest part of making a softie...LOL!


thanks Melly- who knew!


Thanks for the great tip with the paint brush i might attempt to make some softies now as the thought of stuffing them always put me off making them. A brilliant idea thanks for sharing.


This will certainly help with pincushions too. I love the paintbrush tip. I seem to get "pointy" corners that are misshapen. And I don't own any polyester thread as it's always been a no no when quiltmaking. Thanks for such terrific tips!!!

clare's craftroom

Great tips , thanks so much !

Katie B

Great tips! Thanks!

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