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April 13, 2010



Melly he is just the best, and would be perfect for my little guy. Do you think it will be at Stitches and Craft show? I'm on a sewing diet till then!! But I'm up for some testing though ;-)


forget the kids, I want him for myself!
I'm good at tests. really I am.


Oh wow how super cute, I know a budding astrnaut that would be up for the challange.


As a fellow scientist, I feel I had to reply. I would be thrilled to test your formula in my laboratory. He doesn't look much like the species I usually work with, but perhaps my research needs a revamp in the shape of this gorgeous alien :)


He is just the cutest! I must have one to add to my collection!


he is gorgeous! but he looks hard to make? I cant show my twin boys yet for fear of failure..twice over! looking forward to hearing the reviews


Oh he is so cute!


I just love him!Especially the one eye & the horns. Just as cute as could be!


I just gasped and squealed out loud, my husband had to ask what was the matter. Nothing! Nothing's the matter, I just saw the cutest alien on my screen! Beautiful work.


oh my goodness! that has got to be the cutest little guy i have ever seen! ;0

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