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April 06, 2010



I just love your little peek Melly!

Ulla V.

I agree with you - Easter break is a wonderful time.

I think it's nice to read that you enjoyed the weather and barbecued...here in Denmark spring has barely arrived. I did hope for a sunny - and a bit warmer - Easter, but no. ;) At least we enjoyed it anyway in my little family.

You always have so many exciting projects going on. I will look forward to see what your little sneak peak is all about. :)

Have a lovely day. :)


You always have a knack for choosing the perfect fabric for your projects. Your softies are always charming.


Oh its a frog isn't it? Tell me it's a frog and I might have to venture into stuffie making!! SQUEE!


Oh my gosh, how cute is that "momma" Dee Dee with her baby? This reminds me of when I go to Florida to visit my brother-in-law. I sit on his dock and watch the dolphins swimming by. This is always in May and the dolphins always have their babies with them...it is so awesome!

And I love the sneak peek...it is some type of "creature" but not sure what! Can't wait to see the whole thing.






What a great Dee Dee! Hope you had a happy easter.


So cute!!!

beverley pacey

i have just made 3 dudley s for my grandchildren, my daughter wants to know if she can sell some for me. We just love them so much. I have also just finished making an owl bag for my grandaughter and cannot wait to see her face when i give it to her.
Thankyou for such lovely pattens.

Nike Dunks SB

Wow -so glad I found this blog. Love it! Best wishes.

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