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June 15, 2010



Love the turtles and I love the blog. I just found you through "the happy quilter".

margaret twist

really lovely !!!!!! please put me in the draw


don;t know if i can make these little friends, but it would be nice to try,


hope i ein these gorgeous tortoise as i would like to give them to my friend ,fingers crossed.

Emily Waikato

These two are adorable! My mum's been trying to get me into doing stuff like this for years but seeing your cute little creatures has prompted me to start, already bought 2 of your softies patterns and can't wait to get started now. Thanks for the inspiration :) Emily xo


i loved the material used for these lovely friends,


who chooses the names for these littli friends@ they are always very apt


these will be lovely for my new great -grandson,

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I saw your patterns for the first time in a sewing shop and was inspired to start sewing! I am actually about to buy the turtle pattern to make for a friend who is having a baby.

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