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June 28, 2010



Love the skirt!! I'm sure after the school holiday's lots of mums will be wanting to fade into the background so the kids can't find them. Let me know if it works ;-)


watching the world cup :-)


Melly, Today I finished a new skirt for Daylesford as well...

Great minds ...LOL


Very cute skirt. Have a great time in Daylesford and don't let Jodie lead you astray :)


Such a pretty pile of Joel fabrics. I know they'll be something wonderful. I can only imagine how fun the craft weekend will be. With the first 6 months of this year speeding by so fast I imagine October will be her before you know it.


Trying to finish "Phoebe" at the Gunning Patchwork Weekend. Would love to be coming down to Daylesford...but just a bit too far...


Just LOVE the skirt... and the fabrics...

I just finish my third bag... and sewing the binding to two finish quilts.

Sandy N


I love exciting mail, I love your skirt and I wish I had a good reason to go to quilt market. Sounds like heaven to me.

lyn lindsay

Love the skirt, love the fabric, very swish, can you share the pattern?
Love to visit Daylesford but just returned from Ballarat to visit family and now back in Brisbane to get cracking with your blankie pattern, oh well one day I'll time it better.
Have a great time, love Daylesford.


Melly, do you ever sleep?!? What a great skirt! I just made a similar wall picture from a floral fat quarter because I desperately needed to do something creative but quick! Our house is in renovation shambles, very exciting but also somewhat stressful (keeping Mr Two away from the power tools and the gaping hole of a back wall being the hardest job) and messy.
We have also been freezing, so we're making a huge carbon footprint, and we bought a Wii so that the kids won't go mad during "inside" days these school holidays. Also they might have to learn how to put an IKEA kitchen together. I'll call it "Allen key craft time"!
Enjoy Daylesford!

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