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October 04, 2010



Wow Melly.... Congratulations on your new adventure... I might have to have more babies just so I can make your cute patterns..



Great timing I have just become a grandmother and love making all things baby. I hope there will be some clothes patterns as I have not really found any graet ones yet, I'm sure that is a bout to change. Congratulations

Del from Quilters Harvest

Congratulations on all your new creations, patterns, fabric ranges etc. Such wonderful talent & such modesty. Good luck & can't wait to get them in the shop.

Tracee (Quiltkitty) from Perth

Amazing Melly! Do you sleep??? I'm sure they will be just as popular as all your designs. You can't beat practical & pretty when it comes to babies. Congatulations! xx


So exciting Melly ... Congratulations!! I have many family/friends with new babies or are pregnant so I can see lots of baby sewing for me in the near future. Love what I see so far!


Congratulations Melly! This will be loves by so many new mothers and grandmothers!

Me being out of babies in our group of family and friends will patiently wait for a series of patterns for old ladies... LOL!


What a clever cookie you are, Melly (and obviously one for whom relaxing is a foreign concept!)That's a great pattern; I can see it being a real winner. I think I will be making that for some new mums I know; it's so practical and pretty.


Wow Melly, more fabulous news! Congratulations and many blessings for your new pattern range.
Love Janelle xx


Very cute! I am adoring the little logos too!


Congratulations! I love the first pattern and your new logo is charming.

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