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March 23, 2011



Joy of joys moving house! Good luck with the unpacking, changing internet, mail, address etc. The upside of moving house is that you discover lost "treasure" and can get rid of a lot of junk. Hope you enjoy your new abode Melly.


Hi Melly, hope all went well with the move. I've been thinking of you and hoping we catch up soon. Di xo

Mind Movies 2.1

I'm glad to hear from you. Moving at a different place and obtaining a brand new line of internet connection can be so stressful.


Oh Melly, the technology of connecting the technology doesn't seem to be up with the technology of the technology itself!!! Or something like that... Tracee xx


Hi Melly, We had a fab time with you and Rosie last weekend ... thankyou sooooo much .... all the projects for the weekend were fantastic ... well done to you both!!! coz the weather has been so crap here I have actually been working on my bag from Sat and my stitchery from sun ... but do intend doing all of the projects they are just too nice not too!!! Good luck with settling in to your new place and hope you are up and running soon!! Cheers Sue

Melissa Sheehan

Hi Melly, I hope all is going well for you and that you are settling in to your new home. I really enjoyed meeting you and Rosalie on the weekend. I loved the projects and when we stop having blackouts, maybe I can get on with them!! Have some pics to emial you!!Happy stitching!

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I hope all went well with the move. Great blog!

Jeannette A Burr

Hi, love your site and beautiful designs. I have a strange question...where did you get the design for the Dudley Doll? I created a doll that I called "Dudley" in the late 1970s. I built it by hand and gave one to a little girl who was the daughter of a friend of my sister's. I have thought off and on about making Dudley dolls, especially now with the internet marketplace. I googled around and I was stunned to see your Dudley doll -- it is exactly what I had created, except you have put cute legs on it. I was just really curious if you could tell me how you came across that pattern -- seeing it there blew me away. Anyway, thanks, if you have the time to find out....Jeannette Burr, Rochester NY

Jeannette A Burr

One more bit of info re Dudley Doll -- this was when my sister lived on Harrison Street in New Haven, CT; she lived in a coop house with Maz Burbank and her kids, I think the girl was Heather...does any of this connect up? Thanks, I would email you but can't for some reason get it to work!


I just had to post and say I just pre-ordered your new book and I am so excited- can't wait to get it!
PS - Good luck with the unpacking!

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